All American Wagon Train - East Coast to West Coast

Following the Trail of Tears and Oregon Trail 2011

Ben Kern -P.O. Box 1693 -Evansville, WY 82636 -307/234-9437


Welcome to the All American Wagon Train. We will be leaving North Carolina in March 19, 2013. Plan to be in camp at least one day before leaving to meet other participants and get ready for the trail. We will go west across North Carolina, across Tennessee and into Missouri. Throughout the trip we will follow the Trail of Tears, north route, as closely as possible to Rona, Missouri, but at times we will be on country roads, and occasionally on secondary highways. The Trail of Tears head off SW toward Oklahoma but we will go NW to Rock Port, Mo. where we will cross the Missouri River and pick up the Oregon Trail. We will follow the Oregon Trail across Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. This year we will stop shortly after entering Nebraska and start the second year from this spot.

This is a historic event and we want to encourage everyone to dress in period clothing (1840s/1850s). Whenever we are in a town or at an important historic site-such as Fort Laramie-there will be no baseball caps and we strongly discourage tennis shoes, except for those individuals who are walking the route with us.

The order of wagons in the train will be determined by the Wagon Master and Trail Boss. Their decisions are not open to discussion.

We will have a cook along to provide all meals. All participants must eat with the train.

We will provide water for both people and animals. Bring your own water buckets and containers. Please bring a cup or something for your own drinking. Porta-potties will travel with the train.

All participants must travel light and prepare to be self-sufficient without their personal vehicle. We will shuttle vehicles ahead every week and will only have access to them on planned layover days (usually Saturday-Sunday); therefore all horseback riders and wagon drivers must have with them their fencing/picket materials, feed pans and water buckets. And all individuals must have their personal belongings and sleeping bags/tents. We will have some wagons/vehicles to use in hauling freight, but please be conservative in what you must have with you at all times. We strongly urge people to really participate in the train by traveling with us in weekly intervals and we will provide shuttle service for those who do so. Anyone who travels fewer days will need to arrange their own shuttle back to their vehicles.

We will be starting on the coast ofNorth Carolina, trailing across North Carolina and picking up the Trail ofTears, north route, through Tennessee and into Missouri to Rolla, Mo. We will head off northwest to Rock Port, Mo where we will cross the Missouri River into Nebraska. We will then be on the Oregon Trail which we will follow across Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. This will be done over three years with the first year going from the coast of North Carolina to Nebraska, second year across Nebraska/Wyoming and the third and final year across Idaho and Oregon.

Check our website, for the latest information as it is not all available when this letter was written.

See you on the trail!

Ben Kern