All American Wagon Train Coast to Coast

All American Wagon Trail--Trail of Tears and Oregon Trail--is being formed to commemorate The Trail of Tears and the Oregon Trail. This trip will start on the coast ofNorth Carolina and end on the coast of Oregon trailing a distance of about 3000 miles.

Wagon Master, Ben Kern of Evansville, Wyoming, will cross these major trails by wagon train to complete a goal of his. This goal started in 1993 when he drove a wagon over the Oregon Trail during its I50th anniversary and in 1996 and 1997 when he traveled the Mormon Trail for it sesquicentennial. When he made it to California with his chuck wagon, he was the only person in this century to have traveled all three major emigrant trails by wagon train. And it's likely he is the only person in history ever to do so. This AAWT will be the first wagon train ever to go coast to coast and Ben Kern is Wagon Master.

Rules Printout (pdf)


  1. The Wagon Master and Trail Boss will make all decisions regarding the trail to follow, personal behavior, and the drinking of alcohol. The authority ofthe Wagon Master and Trail Boss will be respected at all times. Any person can be asked to leave the wagon train at any time for reasons of bad conduct or misbehavior. Anyone asked to leave the train will receive no refund of any participation fee paid.
  2. All persons traveling with the train will be registered with the lead wagon. No Exceptions.
  3. The Train will furnish all feed and water for animals. People are responsible for their own sleeping arrangements, either in their wagons or in tents. White tents and cowboy bedrolls are recommended. All people traveling with the train will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with the train at the set fee schedule; they are responsible for their own snacks. Water will be provided by the train, all participants should have water canteens or cup for their personal use. No open fires will be allowed.
  4. All trash will be gathered before leaving the camp or any stopping places. NO LITTERING ALONG THE TRAIL.
  5. All horses and mules must have a Coggins test prior to joining the wagon train. Individual brand inspection papers should be carried with animal owners at all times in case of spot inspections and for use during inspections when crossing state boundaries. No stallions, no mares with colts, and no unruly animals will be allowed with the train. People should not plan to use a young horse for the trip. This is not the place to train a colt. A red flag must be tied to the tail of any animal that kicks. Any animal causing problems with the wagon train can be removed from the wagon train at the discretion of the Wagon Master or the Trail Boss.
  6. All animals will be properly penned or tied when not in use. No hobbles or picket lines will be allowed. Electric fences are recommended for use in camp. Animals can be tied to wagons during short breaks.
  7. Wagons participating who have sponsorship may display banners or flags when in camp. Only state flags or banners approved in advance by the Wagon Master can be displayed while the train is moving. Plaques approved by the Wagon Master or Trail Boss can be permanently attached to wagons.