All American Wagon Train - East Coast to West Coast

Recommended Equipment/Clothing List:

Equipment List Printout (pdf)

All clothing should be period style (1840s/1850s) if at all possible. Do not assume every day will be warmlhot and sunny. We will be on the trail nearly two months and are bound to hit wind, rain, hail, frost, and cold. Be prepared for all weather conditions.


Sunscreen Chap Stick or other lip salve (with sun block) Pants or Dresses/petticoats/aprons Shirts (long sleeves recommended) Wool Sweaters or heavy sweatshirts I Warm winter coat I Waterproof rain coat (oilskin dusters work great; removable liners are good for cold days) Hats (no baseball caps) Bring both a warm wool hat and a wide-brimmed hat or sunbonnet Gloves -at least I pair working and I pair of winter gloves are recommended Footwear -Heavy boots and overshoes; Walkers should wear good hiking shoeslboots or sturdy walking shoes Swimming Suit Towel -Wash cloth -Baby wet wipes (for bathing purposes) Sleeping Bag -Warm bags with a bedroll cover and inflatable pad are recommended Extra Blanket -Wool recommended -Pillow -optional Tent (or other sleeping accommodation like a wagon). Tents should be white if possible. No Modem nylon etc. Water bottle/canteen/cup (remember you are furnishing your own drink cup for meals also) General medications (aspirin/pain medication, hand lotion, lip salve, insect repellent, upset stomach/diarrhea medicine, cough drops, general cold/allergy medications plus any regular prescription medicines you take)


Water buckets
Feed pans
Electric fencing (we do not use picket lines nor hobbles) Check with wagon master if any questions.
Halters, ropes, etc.
Horses should be shod with borium, especially if they are going a long way. Bring extra shoes shaped to fit.
Horse shoes without borium only last about a week or so.