All American Wagon Train - East Coast to West Coast

The Reason What, When, Why and Who:

WHAT: The first organized Wagon Train to go coast to coast across the U.S.

WHEN: All American Wagon Train will begin the first leg of its 3 year journey on March 19, 2012. Delayed but not Dead. (Due to a unforeseen circumstance we will be delaying the start of the 2012 trip. Please check back for the start date)

The summer months of 2013, 2014 and 2015.

WHY: To show, we Americans can pull together and make it happen like they did

when settling the West in the mid 1800s. This is a great way to educate others with an opportunity to participate. With people coming from across the nation this also creates additional money for these small communities through the purchase of groceries, gas, feed, veterinary services, and other merchandise purchased.

WHO: Ben Kern, Wagon Master, with a track record to prove he can do it as he has already completed the trail from the Mississippi River west on more than one occasion. Ben Kern is an exceptional rider, horseman, ambassador, citizen and history buff who has taken part in numerous re-enactments of the Western migration. For more than 50 years, Ben Kern has been promoting, education, preserving and welcoming the public to learn and love our historic Western Trails.

Ben has completed a lot of the initial work but needs the help of others to put the action. We must complete the planning, secure sponsors, make contacts for camp sites, and get permits or permission from private land owners.

click map to enlarge (aprox. route)

State Map


Going from East coast to West coast

Joining for part of the journey

Driving teams pulling wagons, being passengers in the wagon, and riding horseback

Cooking crew and other support vehicles will be along with portable toilets, water for animals and passengers, and feed for the animals.

Ben had this wagon built for the trip.

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We would love to see each state involved by sponsoring a team and wagon whether it is for the complete trip, through their state, or for a given time

The wagon train will travel about 3200 miles